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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October Update

Unfortunately, we do not have anything substantial to report. We have sent out a few more flights and do not have any new information that would help us determine Ty's whereabouts.

The area that the fire-pit was found a few weeks ago is an area that SAR has been to. Although they haven't ruled out that it was Ty's, it is difficult to determine how old it is due to the rain and snow that has come through the area since.

We are still taking any leads seriously so if you or anyone you know is hiking or has hiked the that area, please post us a message and it will be looked into.

With Thanksgiving come and gone, we are thankful for the years of joy Ty has brought to us all. A reminder to everyone to be Thankful for those you love and cherish every day with them. We miss you Ty!