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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October Update

Unfortunately, we do not have anything substantial to report. We have sent out a few more flights and do not have any new information that would help us determine Ty's whereabouts.

The area that the fire-pit was found a few weeks ago is an area that SAR has been to. Although they haven't ruled out that it was Ty's, it is difficult to determine how old it is due to the rain and snow that has come through the area since.

We are still taking any leads seriously so if you or anyone you know is hiking or has hiked the that area, please post us a message and it will be looked into.

With Thanksgiving come and gone, we are thankful for the years of joy Ty has brought to us all. A reminder to everyone to be Thankful for those you love and cherish every day with them. We miss you Ty!


  1. Well said. I gave my family extra hugs this Thanksgiving. I wish you as much peace, serenity and understanding as possible in the coming weeks. We are all sitting beside you in the quiet times.

  2. Every day I think of Tyler, his family and friends. I am forever grateful for being able to call Tyler my dear friend and he will always remain close to my heart. Pastor Wendy Dubois

  3. I am missing Tyler Wright, feeling pretty sad and helpless in the the whole scope of things. When I think about him, I have this incredible gush of love - he is sooo tenacious and radical. I really wonder what has happened to him, and of course where he is. It has been a long time to be missing in the mountains :( I really want him to be found!

    thanks for the update even though there is nothing substantial to report.

  4. I only ever 'met' Tyler online...he contacted me after a tv appearance I did. He made an impression on me, even if we never met! His love for God and passion for life were immediately obvious. I have prayed for Tyler and his family very, very often these past couple months, he is never far from my thoughts. My 6 year old daughter made a 'prayer wheel' at church a couple of weeks ago. She had her family on there, her friends, and then she had a section for Tyler.

  5. Tyler, Tyler shining bright
    In the forest of my sight
    You will always be a light
    Vibrant, kind and bright.

    Tyler, Tyler shining bright
    In the forest of the night
    Yes, you may, yes you might
    Once again see daylight.

    Oh Great Spirit beyond the heights
    Of those trees and streams alike
    Bring Tyler this day or night
    To a sky of shining light.

    Mme De Wit!!

  6. Tyler...having touched so many lives. Wow! An incredible son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, companion, friend and colleague to many. Loved, respected and adored are just a few words to describe Tyler. My heart aches for each of you as you wait. May the mountains give forth the mystery they know and a new touch of a glimpse of Tyler be given. Something, anything...burst forth so there is not so much unknown.
    Thank you to so many that have helped in any way. Many powerful prayers have been sent up to the throne of God.

  7. any more search plans? leads? loving and missing my buddy Tyler...

  8. Ty's family and closest friends...just to let you know we are all thinking of you in this silence. Remembering and hoping somehow beyond hope of hopes the tenacity, creativity, faith and determination of Tyler in this trial will one day be revealed and bring you comfort and joy. Ty would want nothing short of that for all of you.

    Be still and know...

  9. Dorian Banks Youtube Channel
    video 24 08 10 m2 18 21
    at 127 resolution 720
    blue object top left
    follows through down to 139
    bottom left object obscured as you travel downward on film.

    Reposting information to be viewed or verified - no response from previous posting in early October on video channel as metisskinz

    will just wait for update on this information here on this site. thanks.

  10. are you talking to the left at the bottom of the steep embankment? Not sure I see anything blue...

    here is the link
    from 127 to 139 sec
    maybe others can see it

  11. I looked but, I hate to say I didn't see anything. I hope that I am wrong.

  12. I saw something blue also at 1:27 it's top left, and travels down.

    Small, but definitely blue. I zoomed and enhanced the image and its certainly something blue.

  13. hope Darian or someone else can confirm or check it out...

  14. It was checked long ago and found to be water.

    Sorry if I forgot to reply but there were thousands of tips.....

  15. thanks Dorian...
    too bad
    hugs to the family as you miss Ty and await any information

  16. November 11, did you get another ground or heli search done? I heard there is snow on the Fool's Gold Trail now, so I am wondering if you will continue searching? Thinking of the family, I am so sorry he hasn't been found yet.


  17. You are still in my thoughts.

  18. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Stay strong.

  19. and every day...and his family
    may some of the mystery come to light soon

  20. May you know the Lords rest. My
    family knows from personal experience how difficult and painful this is. When my Mom was about 9 yrs of age her father's fishing boat capsized out at sea. The only survivor was a great uncle of mine. They searched for 3 months before they called off the search. I really do pray that you receive comfort and rest in the Lord. I have known Ty from church and Worship Invasion and there is not one Sunday or WI meeting that I don't miss seeing Ty.

  21. Thinking of Tyler's family this Christmas time. Love to all of you, may you rejoice in the blessing of life, yours and Tylers.

  22. missing Tyler and grieving his loss along with all of you who knew and loved him...

  23. May the heavens pour out and bless all those who know and love Ty! May this season of not knowing and sadness be filled with some very special blessings in spite of what we know and do not know.
    To Tyler's family...we love you. Thank you for sharing with the world such an amazing young man that has touched so many.
    Thank you

  24. Now that the search has been abandoned by the RCMP and NSR, will you consider using people who have some experience with this kind of search? Look into

    Ty could be brought home.