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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October Update

Unfortunately, we do not have anything substantial to report. We have sent out a few more flights and do not have any new information that would help us determine Ty's whereabouts.

The area that the fire-pit was found a few weeks ago is an area that SAR has been to. Although they haven't ruled out that it was Ty's, it is difficult to determine how old it is due to the rain and snow that has come through the area since.

We are still taking any leads seriously so if you or anyone you know is hiking or has hiked the that area, please post us a message and it will be looked into.

With Thanksgiving come and gone, we are thankful for the years of joy Ty has brought to us all. A reminder to everyone to be Thankful for those you love and cherish every day with them. We miss you Ty!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The month of September has proved to be quite challenging for the search efforts. The heavy rainfalls, high winds and low cloud cover have not allowed us to get as much done as we had hoped but here is an update on what has been done.

As you may know, SAR did open the search back up for a couple of days at the beginning of the month. For two reasons: 1. to cover off areas that were not complete during the initial search and, 2. to investigate some areas of interest. SAR went back in to some very rough areas to search further. They had to be long-lined into Disc Creek/Spindle Creek areas. No evidence of Ty was found.

We have hired quite a few private helicopters, over 35hrs worth, with trained spotters since then. The first helicopter to go out was rigged with a special camera and had the doors removed for low altitude spotting. The areas that they have been flown include: Bull Canyon, Warner Creek, the West Ridge Line into the Coquitlam River drainage, Pitt Pass Junction and The East Ridge above Debeck Creek. The Debeck pass, Homer Creek, Homer Drainage and the entire Fools Gold Trail was flown over again in their entirety and 85-90% of the Coquitlam River was flown at low altitudes and at low speed. During these flights an old Cairn was found. Searchers were put back on the ground to search the surrounding areas of the Cairn, but no eveidence of Ty was found.

A second helicopter company was hired for a different perspective. The areas they covered were Mostly Bull Canyon, Debeck Pass and Warner drainage. They also found no signs of Ty, however did report a lot of wildlife activity.

A third Helicopter was hired and they were able to fly with cameras mounted at low altitude at low speed. They started at Warner Drainage and criss-crossed the search area East to West, heading North through Boise Bumps into Homer Creek/Homer Drainage. At the first opportunity of sunshine, they went out just this past Thursday, September 23rd, and spotted an old fire pit as well as partial prints. This information was passed on to Squamish SAR right away and we are waiting to hear if they will be investigating this find.

There hasn't been a stretch of consecutive sunny days for hikers and ground crews to search. We are hoping that in the next couple of weeks we will be able to get some people out on the ground, provided the weather cooperates.

Again, we thank you all for your support, positive comments and generosity.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Since the SAR search was suspended on Sunday August 29th, Ty's family and friends have not backed off at all. We have chartered helicopters with trained spotters to fly various areas along Ty's suspected route including the Coquitlam River, Coquitlam Watershed, Bull Creek, Debeck Creek, Pitt Pass, Homer Creek and Mamquam. Special attention was paid to creekbeds and ridgelines as it was known that Ty was especially interested in the viewpoints. Due to these flights we have been able to identify some additional areas of his potential route that need to be explored further.

We have also had various volunteers who have began hiking and searching the Pitt Lake and Widgeon creek areas. On Thursday, Coquitlam SAR sent out a few crews to attempt to search areas that had not been completed from the original search including the Coquitlam River and Disc Creek, by foot. We are awaiting an update on the completion of this effort.

On Friday, a team of family and friends were boated up to the northern tip of Indian Arm and hiked to the Coquitlam Watershed and North toward the Anne Lakes. We spent a total of 10hrs on the ground and, while we did not find any signs of Ty, we were able to appreciate the dedication it takes to conduct a search like this.

We have scheduled air searches for this week but have been delayed due to weather. We will continue to charter helicopter flights, explore the hiring of private search crews, as well as conduct additional ground searching to find Ty.

Your inspiring comments and kind words have helped us all to get through each day with the hope that he will be found very soon. We are very thankful to all of you who have allowed us to keep looking for Ty through your generous donations.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Search continues

We are still focusing on locating Tyler.  SAR has identified some areas that need to be searched further, notably the Coquitlam Watershed, from the northern tip down.  We have received a number of offers from volunteers to go in and search areas surrounding the watershed and Bull Creek/Warner Creek/Bull Bowl. These offers are much appreciated. 

We have hired private helicopters to fly the drainage areas and will continue with these efforts.  We are also strongly considering expanding the search to include ground searching of areas outside of the original search as there is some thought that Ty may have attempted to hike the "Ridgeline Trail" between Indian Arm and the Coquitlam Watershed.  

Many people continue to ask how they can donate funds towards Tyler's search. Please use the PayPal link at the top left of this screen or write a cheque to Ty's sister, Carmen:

Carmen Hebert
11225 Palmer Rolph Street
Maple Ridge BC

It is the generosity of all of you, that has allowed us to continue with the search efforts to find Tyler.

Thank You for your continued support,

Tyler's Family

Monday, August 30, 2010

A message from the family

As reported, the RCMP have suspended their 12 day search to locate Tyler.  We are very grateful for the immense effort by the volunteers at Search & Rescue.   They have sacrificed a great deal personally to help us determine Tyler's whereabouts.  However, he has not been found yet and we have chosen as a family to continue the search to locate Ty privately.

The search teams have been able to confirm that Ty has been in specific areas along the Fools Gold Trail, but have been unable to continue to locate his tracks.  The area is very dense and vast and the searchers have indicated that they could have easily walked right past him without notice, due to the terrain.

For those who have met Ty, would know that he is a super passionate person and is not a quitter.  He is physically strong and resourceful and we believe that he is still
out there waiting for us.  Tyler would not quit on any one of us and we will not stop searching until he is found.

We are overwhelmed with the amount of emotional and financial support from family, friends, and perfect strangers that have allowed us to continue our private search.  We are only beginning to understand the number of lives that Ty has touched.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family continues to search for Tyler


Family continues search for missing hiker, Tyler Wright

Vancouver, B.C., August 29, 2010 - The RCMP and Search and Rescue (SAR) have announced that organized search activities for missing hiker Tyler Wright will be suspended today, after twelve days of working in the area as the local terrain has not been conducive to yielding enough clues regarding Tyler's whereabouts. Without further information to identify Tyler's path through the area, SAR feel the need to stop the search.

Tyler's family would like to extend their deepest thanks to the RCMP and SAR for their efforts to date. "Every person involved in this search has devoted an enormous amount of their own time for a person that they have never met", says Tyler's mother, Evelyn Wright, "their dedication in looking for Tyler has been inspiring."

Tyler's family intends to continue their search efforts and are still investigating their course of action. With the warm weather, abundant water, and many potential food sources in the area, a person could survive an extended period. "Ty is a competent outdoorsman, and extremely fit; he is an incredibly resourceful and determined person", says close friend Evian Macmillan. "His determination fuels ours to continue the search.”

"The response has been overwhelming", says Tyler's father, Phillip Wright. "We want to thank everyone who has donated money, their equipment, and most importantly their time towards searching for our son. More than 27,000 views and over 700 of tips have been come through our online efforts.”

For more information on how you can help, please go to

Media are encouraged to contact Ricky Hebert (Tyler’s brother-in-law) at 604 351 4155 or


Saturday, August 28, 2010

New footage

New HD Videos from August 27th

We have uploaded new HD video from a surveillance flight at very low levels.
Please look for a blue tarp, fire pits, odd arrangements of rocks and/or logs and of course any humans.
You will see orange tags in some videos.  These are left by ground searchers.  You will also see newly cut small trees which was to create heli landing zones.
These are our best videos to date and there are many to please pass this task on to your friends so we can find Tyler!
EVERY comment is reviewed, guaranteed.

Email comments/findings to

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Video's and Photostreams from yesterdays flights

Your eyes are much appreciated. Thank you for all of your efforts thus far!

Video Link:



Search & Rescue continue tirelessly

Here's a link to the Northshore Rescue detailing the amazing effort and challenges Search & Rescue face daily.

The effort is so appreciated for someone so special:

If you have had the opportunity to meet Ty, you will know that he is NOT a quitter and does not accept defeat as even a remote possibility.  He will find another way or option to get what he wants.  He is extremely strong, both in mind and body and has a strong faith.    

He has a super positive outlook on life and he will not give you a second to dwell or discuss negativity in any way, shape, or form.  Many people describe his personality as magnetic.  Just by being around him makes you feel alive and that nothing is impossible. 

Ty can meet someone once, remember them, and keep in touch with them forever.  He has friends from all over the world!! 

His dream is to build an empire with his company that will allow him to feed his passion;
to own a family of exotic cars.  Bugatti Veyron comes to mind….  It’s because of Ty that his 2 young nephews can name any car on the street by recognizing its grille! 

He is a very creative person where his ideas are big and his dreams are bigger and has no shortage of generosity.  He will give you his last $5 if you were down on your luck.

Thank you to everyone who continues to help with the search effort! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Below is the latest aerial footage from yesterday's flight. Please take some time to watch.

If you find anything we may have missed, please post a comment with the video number and video time. We will review it and be in touch with Search and Rescue.

In order to understand what to look for please view 3:10 on this video:

These video's are recorded in high definition. Please adjust the YouTube player to either 720 or 1080.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

Video 10

Video 11

Monday Findings

Monday brought good weather and searchers found more footprints pointing to Ty's possible route.

There was more air traffic combing the area and two search dogs. The search continues Tuesday in the Bull Canyon area.

Monday, August 23, 2010

More footage

Here is something in one of the videos that might help get a sense of scale:

From the 19 second mark to the 23 second mark of the video you can see three bears in the top right corner of the video. This should give you a fairly good idea of how big Tyler would be in relation. If you're watching on YouTube the best way to view is in HD so you'll need to click the "240p" button and change that to "720p"

Here are 2 more videos. Please take a careful look


Weekend Report

Search crews were busy this weekend at Squamish and Coquitlam searching for Ty. On Saturday, helicopters took crews high into the alpine areas looking for signs of travel.  Ty has huge feet – size 16 and this has been a help identifying his tracks.  Searchers are trained to look for even the slightest hint or track – from broken branches to a piece of thread.

Low cloud and rain kept searchers out of the high alpine Sunday, but they used the time to search lower down, following the trail out of Widgeon Creek near Pitt Lake. Monday’s sunshine will allow them to continue in the high alpine near Bull Canyon. 
There are many routes Ty may have taken. The area they are covering is huge and the teams follow a strategic plan to cover the route and to pinpoint where to search next.  It is a very rugged and thickly forested area.  There are many blueberries and lots of creeks for water.  Hikers have been known to survive for weeks on berries alone. 

At the command center each person is trained to do a job, from monitoring communications and gps marks from searchers on the ground, to assisting helicopters with landing and loading.  The trained crews are professional and kind.
The family is so thankful for the incredible manpower that has been deployed to help find Tyler. 

Everyone asks how they can help and many want to go out and search for Ty.  After watching Search and Rescue at work we know that it takes a lot of training to develop the skills needed to look for a lost hiker.  Donations towards the search can be made at  We’ve learned a lot about Search and Rescue over the past week and are truly impressed.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Helicopter footage

Here is the footage from yesterday evening. A reminder of the items Tyler has with him:
1. white t-shirt
2. green shirt
3. black fleece
4. grey pants
5. black backpack
6. blue puff jacket
7. tarp (color maybe blue?)
8. green toque
9. cook pot
10. trekking poles
11. red nalgene
12. orange socks
13. black sandals

14. black, grey and orange Nike (size 16)

Missing Tyler Wright - Heli Video 1 (0-9min) from Sam Macmillan on Vimeo.

Donations please

As we all know search & rescue requires a lot of resources we are taking donations with ALL proceeds going to the search & rescue. Please donate if you can.

If you do not want to sign up for a paypal account please send a cheque to Tyler's sister:

Carmen Hebert
11225 Palmer Rolph Street
Maple Ridge BC

Thanks to everyone that has donated thus far. Your generosity and support is very much appreciated.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


The weather has started to cooperate with Search and Rescue and crews are able to do their job to the best of their abilities today.

Footprints have been found that are more than 24hrs but provide a direction for Search and Rescue to focus their attention.

Friday, August 20, 2010

How you can help

Please continue to spread the word, forward emails and post flyers. Search and Rescue are doing everything possible with seemingly endless resources. They have requested that searching in the dangerous areas be left to the trained professionals and don't want to have leads and clues accidentally ruined by well intentioned friends and volunteers.

Today helicopters, planes, ATV's, boats and ground crews were all searching from Squamish down thru Coquitlam and across to Pitt Lake. We expect a large number of Search and Rescue out for the weekend and pray that the weather continues to co-operate.
We know Ty would be grateful for all the comments and prayers. Please keep them coming.

Missing Poster

Please print off this poster and share if you are hiking in the area Ty is

Attention Hikers

Anyone planning on hiking in the Indian Arm, Squamish River, Pitt Lake or Widegdon Creek areas please keep your eyes open for Tyler.

By no means are we encouraging people to search in areas they are not comfortable or equipped to travel through. If you happen to be in the above areas, please comment on this blog where you have been in as much detail as possible.

Tyler is 6'4"wearing a green t-shirt, black fleece, green touque and grey pants. He also has a shaved head.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

thanks for all the support

Today we have witnessed how much love there is for Ty. Tomorrow is another day of searching, please don't stop sharing information.

Please note that the pictures on this blog were taken at the trail head, the day he set off on this hike. Although some media outlets have said Tyler is an inexperienced hiker, the contrary is true.

If you are in the area this weekend please keep your eyes open for him. Again, the pictures on this blog are as current as this trip.

Thank you to all the search and rescue crews tracking Tyler. Your efforts are hugely appreciated.

Help us find Tyler Wright


Missing Vancouver man believed to be hiking Boise Creek Trail

Vancouver, B.C., August 19, 2010 – The British Columbia Search & Rescue Association is working in collaboration with the Squamish RCMP to find a missing man from Vancouver, BC. Tyler Wright, 35, was believed to be hiking just off the Boise Creek Trail near Mamquam Pass. He was last seen 4:30pm August 10, 2010 at the beginning of the Boise Creek Trail. He was expected home on August 16, 2010.

For more information, recent photos, trail maps with suspected routes, please visit -

Tyler Wright (goes by Ty)
  • Male, Caucasian
  • 35
  • 6’4”
  • Blonde hair, shaved
  • Blue eyes
  • Last known to be wearing;
    • grey pants
    • black zip up sweater or fleece
    • green t-shirt and green toque
    • black backpack

Anyone that has seen him since August 10, 2010 please pass along information to:
  • Squamish RCMP +1-604-892-6100.

Details could include but should not be limited to information that may assist in determining:
  • The activities of Tyler Wright around August 10, 2010, or any point thereafter,
  • Any recent sightings of Tyler Wright

Last known coordinates

Google map