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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ty

Today, you are 36 years old. We all miss you and love you. Wherever you might be, we hope that you know that you are thought about every single day, but today especially.

Happy 36th Birthday, Ty.

We miss you.


  1. Happy Birthday Tyler lots of people thinking about you today...
    Big hugs for mom, Carm and the boys!

  2. Happy Birthday Tyler! It was only a year ago we were dancing to Deadmau5 in Whistler, zipping Robson square and you were shuttling me on the handlebars of your BMX in the middle of thousands of people on Granville st. Thank you for being a protector of my dreams, my artwork and the hope of my now husband to be. I wish you could make our wedding this summer. I think about you when I go kayaking in my backyard here in Squamish. Wherever you are I know your with Jesus and it was your love for him that made us such good friends. I miss you Ty xo Jill Marie

  3. yer the tyscraper. love you mang.

  4. Hiking up in Pinecone Burke today and thinking about you Ty!!

  5. thinking about you Ty! You are loved and missed by so many

  6. Thinking about you today Tyler. We will never forget you.


  7. So many years have passed. We think of you very often especially looking North. Hugs and prayers for the family. Those nephews are much older now. Just hoping and praying for ‘any’ tangible sign for your family and dear friends to have before the anniversary this August. Anything.
    Peace be still and some glory be revealed.