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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Since the SAR search was suspended on Sunday August 29th, Ty's family and friends have not backed off at all. We have chartered helicopters with trained spotters to fly various areas along Ty's suspected route including the Coquitlam River, Coquitlam Watershed, Bull Creek, Debeck Creek, Pitt Pass, Homer Creek and Mamquam. Special attention was paid to creekbeds and ridgelines as it was known that Ty was especially interested in the viewpoints. Due to these flights we have been able to identify some additional areas of his potential route that need to be explored further.

We have also had various volunteers who have began hiking and searching the Pitt Lake and Widgeon creek areas. On Thursday, Coquitlam SAR sent out a few crews to attempt to search areas that had not been completed from the original search including the Coquitlam River and Disc Creek, by foot. We are awaiting an update on the completion of this effort.

On Friday, a team of family and friends were boated up to the northern tip of Indian Arm and hiked to the Coquitlam Watershed and North toward the Anne Lakes. We spent a total of 10hrs on the ground and, while we did not find any signs of Ty, we were able to appreciate the dedication it takes to conduct a search like this.

We have scheduled air searches for this week but have been delayed due to weather. We will continue to charter helicopter flights, explore the hiring of private search crews, as well as conduct additional ground searching to find Ty.

Your inspiring comments and kind words have helped us all to get through each day with the hope that he will be found very soon. We are very thankful to all of you who have allowed us to keep looking for Ty through your generous donations.


  1. You're hearts must be breaking with the anxiety of not knowing where he is or how he is. As a Mom of two boys, my heart goes out to Ty's Mom. I pray for strength for you in this very difficult time, when worry threatens to tear a person apart by the seams. Stay positive!

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  3. PART 1

    Following is a post by a SAR member from another blog, followed by my personal commentary on the situation:

    "As a SAR member, and one who spent four days on this search, I have to agree with Dru; I don't usually weigh in on things, but I will on this one.

    The task of SAR is to differentiate from the Rest of the World (ROW) and the Search Area. We know we cannot search the ROW, so we try to rule it out, and we try to define the Search Area. This is why the search started at the Last Known Position (LKP) and followed clues (none) and signs (very few after so many days) to a place in the Bull Creek drainage. After several days there we found no more sign.

    After many days of sun and rain we do not even think we will find any tracks; even those of searchers are pretty much gone by now.

    Any moving thing within the several hundred kilometer square area would have been spotted, and easily. For example; a hiker was in there last Saturday and Sunday and he was spotted from the ground and the air no less than 5 times, and again on Sunday by an independent pilot who is not a trained SAR spotter.

    A non-moving and unresponsive subject however is a different story.

    If he was ON the route, or within 100m of the route I think there is a very good chance we would have spotted him. Without a map or compass however, there is an exceedingly small chance anyone would have been able to stay on the route for it's entire length. I found myself needing to consult map, compass and GPS many times as we thrashed through the bush; it's difficult to tell where a pass is when you can't see the surrounding mountains.


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  5. thank you for bringing these blog comments forward. It is amazing what SAR did and we are trusting all goes well with all further search efforts. Of course we all hope for the very best. Our hearts are with mom, brother, sister, brother in law dad and the nephews too (Ty loves them to bits)...
    so...hoping beyond the impossible that this will have a wonderful ending.
    much love to you all.

    ***from that LKP what is at 3' North past the 100m from the route...anything?

  6. to 'A' - I'm a little confused as to the point of your post. Not sure why it is here or what your intentions are. I think everyone who comes here is 100% thankful for the time, effort, sacrifices, heart and soul that the SAR teams put into their search for Tyler. However, when their search for Tyler ended, the family's continued and intensified.

    I feel nothing but compassion for the family of the wonderful human being that is known to us as Tyler Wright. I pray and hope everyday that this special and inspiring man will be found and brought home safely to his desperately waiting family. His mother, sister, brother, nephews etc deserve nothing but support, encouragement and compassion from the people here. I hope that they will continue to able to find solace in the comments of the people whose lives Tyler has touched in some way or another.
    bon courage!

  7. I never met Tyler but I find myself thinking of him and his family every day. I keep looking at this blog hoping that there will be some new news. I pray for his safe return. I can't imagine how his family and friends must be feeling. You are all in my thoughts.

  8. Pray for Tyler safe return, and that he would have strength to endure till he is found.

  9. Will new video footage be posted? I'm not a hiker, so would like to help in some other way...

    Ty is never far from my thoughts and constantly in my prayers.

  10. The video heli, 5 HD cameras and synched GPS used for prior footage have not been requested.

    I have no knowledge of plans for video/photos.


  11. could someone please post a map of the route he is known to have covered. Twould be great for a google map superimposed with his route, but with lines of latitude and longitude. I tried to get google earth to do that, but had trouble.
    What is really inferiating is there is a satellite/telescope/camera up there with capability to zoom there like crazy, now if only we had access to that!
    oh my prayer would be to have that ability downloaded to someone in his family. (cause if a spy satellite can do it..God can do it much more easily. And because God can do it,He can download it to us...

  12. Crazy overhead zooming doesn't get you past all that foliage....

    He is going to be found by someone on foot.

  13. to A: please don't post the rest of that, it is opinion, qualified maybe, but still opinion (I have read the whole thing).

    Even though the circumstances are tough, even though it's a large search area, even though it's been 29 days already, even though SAR couldn't determine his trail, EVEN THOUGH all these things... we still have HOPE for Tyler to walk out or be found or however it is going to shake out. Let's spread the hope, there is plenty to go around :)

  14. I find it ludicrous that SAR thinks the family should just give up after 12 days. Get boots on the ground and search until he is found. Casey Anthonies kid was found a mile from her house. Gets some tenacious searchers with ocd qualities to search relentlessly.

  15. Simon....have you been out there? No disrespect meant at is just a crazy place ...and HUGE. I'd rather hike in the Everglades or the Arctic.

    If you take your analogy of 1 mile.... and apply it to Tyler's possible routes....the area is probably 10x what has been impossible...especially with this weather.

  16. Due to technical difficulties I was unable to post PART II of yesterday's post, but in consideration of the above request, I will refrain from doing so. I would, however, like to share my own thoughts, as I feel strongly that we need to start to consider the reality of the situation.

    It would be an utter and total travesty to have another person lost (or even worse - injured or killed) in the woods while trying to continue a search that the trained professionals have called off. SAR and RCMP do not take lightly the decision to call off a search for a missing person, and the decision to do so is *very* hard on each and every person involved in the search. But the search was called off for very good reasons, as outlined by the SAR member who posted on Clubtread, and whose post is partly copied above.

    SAR are highly trained professionals, abeit volunteers, and even they could recognize the inherent physical dangers in continuing the search, and the relative unlikelihood of the search proving to be fruitful at this point. To send a bunch of (comparatively) unskilled family, friends and volunteers into the backcountry to continue this dangerous search is nothing short of selfish and irresponsible, and is only likely to lead to another costly SAR operation; and a totally preventable one at that.

    Instead, why not focus the financial and other resources towards a legacy to honour Tyler? Perhaps we could donate funds back to North Shore Rescue, to enable them to continue their incredible work and hopefully save lives in the future. Maybe it could be donated to their education programs which help to educate the public on how to avoid becoming victims of the backcountry.

    I feel deeply for everyone whose lives have been touched by Tyler, especially his family and close friends. But a private search is the wrong approach. I beg you to stop putting more lives at risk and to start looking towards a way that you can honour Tyler's wonderful contributions to the world and learn from his experience.

  17. driving on the highway is dangerous but hiking certainly isnt dangerous. a family should never quit looking for a child. someone in good shape can cover a heck of a lot of territory in one day. there are only so many routes,cliffs, ravines, etc. some areas will be searched more efficiently using rope, no doubt. eventually, everyone is found so lets hurry the process up and stop being defeatists.

  18. A- the RCMP and SAR called it off because of finances, I'm sure you read the estimated over half mil price tag. Without a tight search area, the rest of the trail and possible routes would have been way too many search hours. This does not mean it is hopeless or that even SAR thinks it is hopeless - it just means it costs money and volunteer time.

    Many people hike this trail all the way through, I spoke with someone personally. It doesn't have to be dangerous to search, nor is it dangerous to spot with a helicopter. Tyler's friends that are willing to search, even concerned hikers that are willing, can evaluate their own risks. It doesn't appear to me that you know Tyler, or at least not well. He would NOT GIVE UP, let's learn from that instead.

    I don't share your willingness to give up on Tyler being found - nor has his family and friends... EVEN THOUGH it looks seemingly impossible, like someone else said - he's not lost on the moon. He is in the woods.

    Anyway - I would suggest that if you are not FOR finding Tyler, then you should post your thoughts on some other blog - not trying to be harsh, just keeping it real. I love Tyler.

  19. 'A' just so you know Ty's uncle is/was and has been very involved with SAR for many years (even being the president of one of the chapters). Ty's family is NOT about to go sending people out willy nilly and unprepared.
    Ty is an incredibly resourceful person...and everyone is hoping beyond hope, and a super uber huge miracle he is okay there is nothing wrong with hope. The best miracles taske place where there is hope.
    So that is what they are hanging onto. The family would also NOT want unexperienced people to start going off wandering in the dense bush.
    Everyone knows that things may not turn out as they wished...but until then no one will give up hope!
    Hugs to Ty's family and closest friends...Trusting Ty's faith, determinedness and resourcefulness are keeping him comforted and safe.

  20. Our God is an awesome God and let's keep the faith that His hands are on Tyler and he will be found safe.....and soon.

  21. I met Tyler when we both lived in the same apartment building in Kitsilano. While we were just neighbours, and not very close, from what I do know about him, he is as many others say, very resourceful, positive, and wouldn't give up. I check often hoping for good news and haven't given up that he will be found. I think of him and his family often and hope that he is found safe and sound soon.

  22. I don't know Tyler--only that people at my sister's church were praying for him. I, too, have been praying for him to be found and for his family to have peace that passes all understanding as they continue their search. Never underestimate the power of prayer, as with God all things are possible!

  23. Continuing to pray for you Ty, and your family.

    We love you.

  24. Psalm 33:
    From heaven the LORD looks down
    and sees all mankind;
    from his dwelling place he watches
    all who live on earth-
    he who forms the hearts of all,
    who considers everything they do.

    16 No king is saved by the size of his army;
    no warrior escapes by his great strength.

    17 A horse is a vain hope for deliverance;
    despite all its great strength it cannot save.

    18 But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him,
    on those whose hope is in his unfailing love,

    19 to deliver them from death
    and keep them alive in famine.

    20 We wait in hope for the LORD;
    he is our help and our shield.

  25. I'd suggest we keep the lengthy scriptural prayers in the church... Well wishes and brief words of encouragement and support for family and friends are appreciated. Let's stay focused. Anybody have any new ideas on the videos? Or any teams forming for a well-organized weekend hike? Hoping for good weather...

  26. I'll echo what Melissa said as well. I've offered a couple times able willing and equipped to help. But wandering off by myself directionless seems pointless. I recognize and appreciate the prayer and positive vibes but it would be great to hear what, on the action side of things, can be done to help.

  27. Colin - this is what Tyler's sister Carm said on another post...

    "You can contact my husband, Ricky Hebert (Ty's Brother in law) 604-351-4155 for information on hiking areas that have been covered, areas we might need covered, and possibly connecting with others if you want to form groups to go up."

    Hope you get connected :)

  28. What im wondering is because Tyler brought with him a water filter pump is it possible that he went to one of the many small lakes & ponds and went to draw water and fell in? With hiking boots on and a heavily loaded pack he might not surface....just a thought.

  29. Hi Graham, just about anything is possible as the terrain is treacherous, but we are believing for the seeming impossible... that Tyler IS alive and well, and really lost. Until we find him or he finds us, we won't know what has happened :)

  30. Hey I just heard on CTV National News that the SAR are on board again and their expertise is back to help out some more ... great news; keep those donations coming in ... He WILL be found and brought back to see brighter days.

  31. Wow!!!!!! That is wonderful news.
    Yes LORD.
    hugs to the family.

  32. The CTV new link... SAR was investigating tracks but the tracks they found weren't Tyler's (weren't human)... just keep searching, just keep searching :)

  33. still waiting, praying and hopeful...
    hugs to the family
    So very thankful for nice weather.

  34. Sept 25th Fundraiser - youtube video...

  35. article in Province...

  36. Ty will be ok, don't lose hope. My prayers are with you all and Ty everyday.
    He will be found. Chin up :]

  37. No updates... the weather has not allowed for any helicopters or hikers to get into the area over the past week. We are keeping our fingers crossed for some clear weather SOON!!

  38. Carm...hoping and praying with you. Yes we need clear weather...and lots of it! If I didn't have a family here I would be tempted to just go out with a team and camp. Are you able to say where 'exactly' the last sign of Ty was in reference to a map?
    Hugs to you and your family.

  39. tomorrow Sept 25th Fundraiser for the search for Tyler - youtube video...
    ALL ARE WELCOME, the venue seats at least 1000!!!

  40. last night's fundraiser went well - close to $5000 search dollars! we are not giving up on finding you Tyler even though it has taken longer than we thought or hoped!!!!

  41. Great you raised more funds.
    Is there searching going on that is not made public?

  42. Dorian raises a good point. There has not been an update posted on this blog for three weeks now, which would lead many readers to believe that the family-led search is no longer underway. If you are going to continue to request donations via this website and to hold fundraising events, it would be a good idea to continue to update the public on how the search is progressing.

  43. A - look back about 5 comments
    Carm said...

    No updates... the weather has not allowed for any helicopters or hikers to get into the area over the past week. We are keeping our fingers crossed for some clear weather SOON!!
    September 20, 2010 3:41 PM


  44. Lynn, with all due respect, that is a week old.

  45. Is there the possibility to make public the search records for those that wish to look in the area(s) for themselves? I only ask because I would not mind trying to help in some way but with winter fast approaching, perhaps searching may have to continue next season.

  46. to give an idea what the terrain has been like where searching has occured try
    type in
    Boise Creek,
    Debeck Creek

    Mamquam Lake
    if you tilt it really gives an idea of terrain in the area
    God knows all and sees all trusting it will be revealed
    exactly where Ty is

  47. with all due respect, the fundraisers were held by friends of Tyler, and if people who are not friends of Tyler wish to donate then I would hope they would give freely :) I can't even imagine what the family must be going through and perhaps September was a discouraging month without much to report, and they opted not to report their discouragement?

    I think family and friends alike are dealing with the reality of the situation and the ticking calendar. Now there is an update but it still remains as posted previously: If you are wanting to help with the ground search/or have already searched certain areas you can contact Tyler's brother in law... Ricky Hebert at 604 351 4155 or

  48. noahandsheri...

    Many people helped and continue to help who do not know Tyler.

  49. I know Dorian - and I am so thankful for those people, you included. I know you have put forth an incredible effort :) thank you.