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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The month of September has proved to be quite challenging for the search efforts. The heavy rainfalls, high winds and low cloud cover have not allowed us to get as much done as we had hoped but here is an update on what has been done.

As you may know, SAR did open the search back up for a couple of days at the beginning of the month. For two reasons: 1. to cover off areas that were not complete during the initial search and, 2. to investigate some areas of interest. SAR went back in to some very rough areas to search further. They had to be long-lined into Disc Creek/Spindle Creek areas. No evidence of Ty was found.

We have hired quite a few private helicopters, over 35hrs worth, with trained spotters since then. The first helicopter to go out was rigged with a special camera and had the doors removed for low altitude spotting. The areas that they have been flown include: Bull Canyon, Warner Creek, the West Ridge Line into the Coquitlam River drainage, Pitt Pass Junction and The East Ridge above Debeck Creek. The Debeck pass, Homer Creek, Homer Drainage and the entire Fools Gold Trail was flown over again in their entirety and 85-90% of the Coquitlam River was flown at low altitudes and at low speed. During these flights an old Cairn was found. Searchers were put back on the ground to search the surrounding areas of the Cairn, but no eveidence of Ty was found.

A second helicopter company was hired for a different perspective. The areas they covered were Mostly Bull Canyon, Debeck Pass and Warner drainage. They also found no signs of Ty, however did report a lot of wildlife activity.

A third Helicopter was hired and they were able to fly with cameras mounted at low altitude at low speed. They started at Warner Drainage and criss-crossed the search area East to West, heading North through Boise Bumps into Homer Creek/Homer Drainage. At the first opportunity of sunshine, they went out just this past Thursday, September 23rd, and spotted an old fire pit as well as partial prints. This information was passed on to Squamish SAR right away and we are waiting to hear if they will be investigating this find.

There hasn't been a stretch of consecutive sunny days for hikers and ground crews to search. We are hoping that in the next couple of weeks we will be able to get some people out on the ground, provided the weather cooperates.

Again, we thank you all for your support, positive comments and generosity.


  1. thanks for the update... I'm hoping the weather stays good for searching and that hikers and friends wanting to help all call Ricky Hebert (Tyler’s brother-in-law) at 604 351 4155 and go for long hikes in the area :)

    hanging in there - believing Tyler will be found.

  2. thanks for the update!! Praying for good weather!!

  3. So glad for these days of sunshine. Praying that Tyler will be found soon!

  4. I will keep praying. He is a good man, I used to work with him @ Got Junk.

  5. Thank you for updating this site. I check back frequently to see if there has been any progress. I pray for Tyler and his family, though I don't know them. I hope this sunny weather right now will lend to productivity in the search.

  6. So many standing with you all...Continuing to pray for good weather and may the cloud/fog cover be only at very low altitudes and burn off quickly.
    Is there a possibility that after the last place of evidence (was that the sloped he tried to climb and slid down??) maybe Ty realized his task without a compass and real trail was a bit impossible? Could he then have decided that he needed to head South and south only knowing it would lead him to people???so from that point perhaps a search could be made.
    hugs to Evelyn and the family. Tyler will be found

  7. For my own peace of mind I felt like I needed to write a bit about Tyler but didn't feel like this was the right place to do so. I'll make no apologies...these are my own thoughts and memories but for those of you who are interested you can have a read here.

  8. Thanks for the updates. Colin, that was really beautiful and touching.


  9. Thank-you for the update. I believe he will be found. xo

  10. I also thank you for the update, I have a lot people praying for Ty and the family, he will be found! God has brought people through similar circumstances. Thoughts are with you!

  11. any word on the firepit and partial prints??

  12. Here are thoughts re:the fire pit from a hiking forum...

  13. new posts regarding Tyler...much thanks to the hiking/backpacking community as well for keeping an eye out and sharing info.

  14. Keep looking!
    I believe Tyler is still out there making it in the wild... with a bad hair-du and along beard :)

  15. I just want to encourage everybody on this search and rescue effort. When I returned to this blog I was happy to see that there are still updates being made.

    I'm a little confused ...

    Are the 5 fire pits believed to be from Tyler?

    Does anybody know about the search and rescue efforts to date since this post and had been posted?

  16. Yes, really wanting to hear any new updates... is there any more news of him?

    -the Vandases

  17. Thankful for the sunshine!! Hope this birthday and Thanksgiving weekend can provide some answers for the family.
    Keep us all posted please 'if' any new searches/hikes have been done.

  18. I was wondering about the donations you asked for in this post.:

    When you say "ALL proceeds go to SAR", could you be more exact -- there were something like 20 teams involved in the search. I know that one of the teams that searched for every day of the search has received no donation.

    To which teams have you provided funds?

    I don't mean to be disrespectful. I am certain that with all of the helicopter time you've mentioned on this blog that you've incurred some considerable cost.

    I would hope that you could defray those costs with donations, and there would be nothing wrong with that. However, in that case you should change the donation posts to state that donations will be used to search for Tyler Wright, and will be used where necessary. At least people should know where their donations are going.