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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Search continues

We are still focusing on locating Tyler.  SAR has identified some areas that need to be searched further, notably the Coquitlam Watershed, from the northern tip down.  We have received a number of offers from volunteers to go in and search areas surrounding the watershed and Bull Creek/Warner Creek/Bull Bowl. These offers are much appreciated. 

We have hired private helicopters to fly the drainage areas and will continue with these efforts.  We are also strongly considering expanding the search to include ground searching of areas outside of the original search as there is some thought that Ty may have attempted to hike the "Ridgeline Trail" between Indian Arm and the Coquitlam Watershed.  

Many people continue to ask how they can donate funds towards Tyler's search. Please use the PayPal link at the top left of this screen or write a cheque to Ty's sister, Carmen:

Carmen Hebert
11225 Palmer Rolph Street
Maple Ridge BC

It is the generosity of all of you, that has allowed us to continue with the search efforts to find Tyler.

Thank You for your continued support,

Tyler's Family


  1. My heart goes out to all of you; stay focused and stay determined. I don't have a computer at home but call if I can be of any help as per my email to Ricky.

  2. yes...exactly what I had been thinking!!!!
    Let us know what we can do.

  3. I have a 4x4 truck, dirtbike, and backcountry experience in that area. My friends and I went to Louisiana and Mississippi after Katrina...We would like to try and help. We are going Saturday for a few days. Any additional information would help. Contact Mark-

  4. I believe he is in a very hard to see location, a location you would not expect, near a ravine, south from where SAR looked, possibly south east of Widgeon Lake Trail, that he is alive and will be found. Keep looking he will be found. Bless you all for donating and for searching for my dear friend.

  5. Has Tyler ever mentioned to anyone going to Gable Creek/River? I have already given Ricky this info.

  6. Our prayers are still with you and we have been checking every day on developments. My brother David, a commercial pilot, had 3 passengers onboard when they crashed in 1987 in the coastal mountain area of BC, somewhere near Mt. Waddington. There was a lengthy air search of one month, the longest in BC.

    We went on the search planes ourselves and were praying to find him but no one was ever found. It is a very difficult position to be in when your loved one cannot be found. We hope Tyler is found and think it is great that searchers are volunteering their time and talent.

    No one but God knows exactly where Tyler is, what condition he is in and whether he will be found. We hope. We pray. We trust. We surrender to the Lord.

    God bless you,

    Peter Mason

  7. Are people going out this weekend? Is there a plan? If so, can you let us know? Is there someone we can contact?

  8. Is there any new video footage? Any co-ordinated volunteer searches? Any search plans you can share? I am anticipating Tyler's return with great hope and faith :) May you all have peace in the waiting.

  9. There is a private helicopter going up today (Saturday) as long as the weather is OK. As for ground search, not this weekend. You can contact my husband, Ricky Hebert (Ty's Brother in law) 604-351-4155 for information on hiking areas that have been covered, areas we might need covered, and possibly connecting with others if you want to form groups to go up.

    Thank you all so much for everything. Your generosity is inspiring and greatly appreciated by all of us.

  10. Is there anyone going out on Monday that I can join up with?

  11. The video chopper has not been requested. There is no new video.


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