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Friday, August 20, 2010

Attention Hikers

Anyone planning on hiking in the Indian Arm, Squamish River, Pitt Lake or Widegdon Creek areas please keep your eyes open for Tyler.

By no means are we encouraging people to search in areas they are not comfortable or equipped to travel through. If you happen to be in the above areas, please comment on this blog where you have been in as much detail as possible.

Tyler is 6'4"wearing a green t-shirt, black fleece, green touque and grey pants. He also has a shaved head.


  1. One of the news stories reported that the Squamish S&R had volunteers looking too. I was wondering if there was any information on the current search and what ground has been covered. I would assume that if anyone is heading into the search area it would likely be a very good idea to register in with the current search and rescue team if only to be able to provide and receive information from them?

  2. Last I heard they found a trail that is said to have belonged to Ty. Little did I know at the time the search was for Ty. Any word on that??

  3. If there's anyone who's heading to one of these search areas this weekend who's needing a 2nd (or more) please let me know. I'm quite an experienced hiker/backpacker, have good, compact gear and can go fast and light. I used to work with Ty and have shared many an amazing time with him. It's very frustrating and difficult (obviously) not to do anything to help.

    You can reach me @ colinl at gmail dot com

  4. praying that the Fathers angels are watching over Ty. Yup...he himself is a bigger than life person. He has overcome many obstacles in life and lived it to the fullest.
    praying that the searchers have strength and wisdom from above.

    so does 3 degrees north mean anything to searchers...cause I am thinking this has something to do with it.
    praying for peace for the family.

    Trusting this will have a wonderful outcome.

  5. I am canoeing up Pitt Lake tomorrow and have hiked a couple of the creeks that lead into the area that Tyler is suspected to be in. Will keep a close eye on the west shore on Sunday/Monday and Tuesday/Wednesday.

    Will call 911 if i spot him.