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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family continues to search for Tyler


Family continues search for missing hiker, Tyler Wright

Vancouver, B.C., August 29, 2010 - The RCMP and Search and Rescue (SAR) have announced that organized search activities for missing hiker Tyler Wright will be suspended today, after twelve days of working in the area as the local terrain has not been conducive to yielding enough clues regarding Tyler's whereabouts. Without further information to identify Tyler's path through the area, SAR feel the need to stop the search.

Tyler's family would like to extend their deepest thanks to the RCMP and SAR for their efforts to date. "Every person involved in this search has devoted an enormous amount of their own time for a person that they have never met", says Tyler's mother, Evelyn Wright, "their dedication in looking for Tyler has been inspiring."

Tyler's family intends to continue their search efforts and are still investigating their course of action. With the warm weather, abundant water, and many potential food sources in the area, a person could survive an extended period. "Ty is a competent outdoorsman, and extremely fit; he is an incredibly resourceful and determined person", says close friend Evian Macmillan. "His determination fuels ours to continue the search.”

"The response has been overwhelming", says Tyler's father, Phillip Wright. "We want to thank everyone who has donated money, their equipment, and most importantly their time towards searching for our son. More than 27,000 views and over 700 of tips have been come through our online efforts.”

For more information on how you can help, please go to

Media are encouraged to contact Ricky Hebert (Tyler’s brother-in-law) at 604 351 4155 or



  1. I am very sorry that the search for Tyler has been suspended. I hope that everyone will continue to support the search for Tyler and his family who is awaiting his return, in whatever way we can. You remain in my thoughts Tyler, this is not the end my friend.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Tyler at this difficult time. May God bless you and give you peace.

    Peter and Cyndie Mason
    Drumheller, Alberta

  3. If there is any way I can help with my time in the search pals let me know who to contact.

  4. We are all saddened that Tyler is not safely home yet. Our unwavering support is with those of you who now take over the challenge. Let us know what you need. Our constant thoughts are with you and with Ty.

  5. Sad to hear that the SAR have suspended their search, but I understand why. I pray that Ty walks out of this unscathed, healthy, and with a fantastic story to share with us all. My prayers and thoughts are with all those who have donated their past two weeks to finding him, with Ty, and with family and friends.


  6. very sorry to hear that the search has been suspended at this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who helped in the search and especially with Ty's family.

    We pray for peace and resolve, and a happy ending.

    vickie & bernie

  7. With determination and a bit of luck, any needle can be extracted from any haystack. Let's not be discouraged and keep pushing on.

  8. It's time to ramp up the prayer SAR, and the financial support - Tyler still needs to be found. I trust he's okay and will be found - it's just time for the next strategy. Like Franko said, let's not be discouraged and keep pushing on :)

    Thanks to all the search and rescue people that so selflessly gave of their time and effort in the search for Tyler!

  9. This guy - Peter,
    posted on the north shore rescue blog that he was in the same place as the footprints were found on a previous hike and offered more info regarding the trail... his post reads:

    "On our trip through this area in 2008, we ended up ascending to Bull Pass right in the Bull creekbed which was low at the time. As we neared the top of the creek bed, it was really mossy and I remember feeling bad about destroying the moss. It might be a good terrain trap to check for recent signs of disturbance. Since we were naturally funneled that way by the microterrain, so might Tyler have been."

    Happy to discuss further or on other areas of the route if you're interested.

  10. ok - talked to Peter and he already spoke with SAR on Saturday.

  11. I was in that part of the upper Bull Creek on Saturday as part of the search effort.

    Some comments on this blog seem to be of the opinion that SAR is somehow not using all the resources at it's disposal, and I think some members posting here think that when help is turned down it somehow means we are not doing our best. This is not the case.

    The SAR managers and volunteers are experts in what they do, and most have more training than you would believe for something that is essentially unpaid work. When help is turned down it is with good reason. Dogs have been used since the beginning of the search, and some of the best trackers in BC.

    The terrain is so rough, and difficult to move through that specialized training is required to exit from hovering helicopters, rappel down steep embankments, and navigate through cliff bands, waterfalls, and snow and ice covered rock. Our SAR members apprentice for two years before they become full members.

    When someone comes forward, such as "Peter" mentioned above, the information is used to direct search efforts.

    I was dispatched to the area he mentioned even though the route through there had been searched by air and ground several times; the SAR managers used the information they received, and I descended the creek as directed. The tracker I was with told me that moss does not hold tracks well, and usually springs up after a day or so. In fact, the tracks of searchers from the previous week were already too fain to see, and animal tracks were all we found. We scoured the area as safely as we could.

    Be assured that every effort has been made and every avenue pursued. Any person moving in the Boise, Bull, DeBeck, and Widgeon creeks and surrounding ridges would have been spotted. In fact a hiker was in there on Satruday and Sunday and was seen by several teams from the ground and the air.

  12. Michael - thank you for all your effort and all the volunteers... I think mostly we love our friend and wish he was found by now :)

    I am amazed at what you guys have done and sorry if I or any other concerned person has made it sound like you didn't do enough. I certainly think you did. Now for the continued search...

  13. Well said. I absolutely agree. Everything SAR has done has been appreciated and applauded and in my opinion SAR likely went above and beyond in this particular scenario.
    All of us are devastated there hasn't been a positive outcome, but I'm sure each and every member of that search team feels the same way. I watched their faces on the news and saw the exhaustion in their eyes. Nobody likes to walk away and leave it like this. Michael please know that many of us who love Ty have been - and will continue to be - cheering from the sidelines. Thank you for your efforts.

  14. Does anyone know if Tyler would have mentioned going to Gable Creek/ River trails? I don't know how far that is from where everyone is looking but through visionary measures, this is the location we got. Please, just search along the creek where one can cross it on rocks. Hope it helps!

  15. However, there is a belief that some areas have not been covered as well as others. I have heard that some of the private helicopter flights have located some obvious areas of concern that may not have been crossed off yet.

  16. @Michael Coyle and all of SAR...
    thank you, you are all doing and have done a job that goes beyond excellent! Thank you for clarification too.

    Where in Pinecone Burke is the wilderness cabin?

    @Nicole when I looked at where Gable Creek is VERY far away in Glacier National Park