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Monday, August 23, 2010

More footage

Here is something in one of the videos that might help get a sense of scale:

From the 19 second mark to the 23 second mark of the video you can see three bears in the top right corner of the video. This should give you a fairly good idea of how big Tyler would be in relation. If you're watching on YouTube the best way to view is in HD so you'll need to click the "240p" button and change that to "720p"

Here are 2 more videos. Please take a careful look


  1. On the youtube video, what is on the road at 6:09?

  2. (6:09 on the youtube linked video)? Or is the scale too small?

  3. It would be good to consider taking a closer look at both 2:29 and 6:09 ... it's like looking for a needle in a hay stack with these videos from the height the video is shot at unless we can use our wonderful technology to zoom in the camera ... just thoughts....

  4. I think the bears at 17 seconds are actually a reflection in water.

  5. There are quite a few patches of water ... you'll see patches of water throughout the video .. at least, it looks like patches of water.

    I am praying ...

    We serve a God who has manifested manna from heaven, who has manifested gold dust ... He is more the capable of bring Tyler home !!

    And so join with me to keep praying for strength, sustenance, for something to give him energy .. that he can find water and sources of liquid and food along the path.

    Continue to pray that Search and Rescue will find a fresh lead and fresh track and for a sign ... anything a miracle... He needs to be found today ! I believe our God is a great and merciful and powerful God who provides all for His children.

    Tyler has had a lifestyle of fasting and praying ... I am praying for a testimony, that the whole world will see a miracle making God and glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in this hour because they've seen God's faithfulness to Tyler !! Pray and Agree with me !! Pray ... Believe ... Expect great things .. stir up one anothers faith and hope... Amen !!

  6. Can someone take a look at 6:38 to 6:42, center right. Looks to scale comparing to the bears.

  7. Can someone look at the these 3 areas in video 1-0.35-0.37 (top open brown area)in white...

    Also -Start watching 4 oclock at 4:19 -4:21 on Path briefly on right, dark spot but brief..heli is moving and ends up under trees.

    5:05 - Top right in open space looked to me like a dark upright figure..

  8. Video 2- Look at 2:20-2:24 (at 8-9 oclock) - Upright black figure which looks to me to have upper movement.

  9. video 1 at 2:02 right hand side of screen possible body in water between shore and ice. dunno sort of like its face down in water.