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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Search & Rescue continue tirelessly

Here's a link to the Northshore Rescue detailing the amazing effort and challenges Search & Rescue face daily.

The effort is so appreciated for someone so special:

If you have had the opportunity to meet Ty, you will know that he is NOT a quitter and does not accept defeat as even a remote possibility.  He will find another way or option to get what he wants.  He is extremely strong, both in mind and body and has a strong faith.    

He has a super positive outlook on life and he will not give you a second to dwell or discuss negativity in any way, shape, or form.  Many people describe his personality as magnetic.  Just by being around him makes you feel alive and that nothing is impossible. 

Ty can meet someone once, remember them, and keep in touch with them forever.  He has friends from all over the world!! 

His dream is to build an empire with his company that will allow him to feed his passion;
to own a family of exotic cars.  Bugatti Veyron comes to mind….  It’s because of Ty that his 2 young nephews can name any car on the street by recognizing its grille! 

He is a very creative person where his ideas are big and his dreams are bigger and has no shortage of generosity.  He will give you his last $5 if you were down on your luck.

Thank you to everyone who continues to help with the search effort! 


  1. RCMP Update...
    Search continues for missing hiker
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    File # 2010-6055
    2010-08-25 11:14 PDT

    Search for missing hiker Tyler Wright continues into day eight

    Today Aug 25th the search for Tyler is continuing and concentrating in the Bull Creek Area. Yesterday on day seven, searchers located a slide path down a rock face approximately 15 meters in length where Tyler had tried to climb up out the creek bed and then slid down. Fooprints associated to Tyler were located in the creek bed in the area of the slide path confirming that he continued on from there. The alpine region above Bull Creek Valley has been "cut for track" by SAR ground searchers with negative results and searchers are now working the valley creek bed where they located foot impressions yesterday. The terrain in the area is of typical West Coast Mountain terrain with steep mountain slopes, cliffs, creeks, heavy alder and devils club growth and search crews describe the conditions as heinous and tough going.

    Released by

    Cpl. D.S. (Dave) Ritchie
    Ops Support NCO / Media Relations

  2. I pray that Tyler would be found soon! Here is a word of encouragement from the Lord. "You are a hiding place for me. You preserve me from trouble. You surround me with glad cries of deliverance: (Psalm 32:7) Also "For sun and moon and stars are bright, and when sent to do a service, they are obedient! So also the lightning when it flashes is widely seen." (Baruch :60) I pray that Tyler would soon be widely seen like the lightning. When I was praying today I saw the word "Serendipity" I looked it up in the dictionary and it means, "A propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated." I pray that somehow Tyler would be found quickly even if someone would simply stumble across some evidence or even better - HIM . Amen

    Cyndie Mason (Tyler's friend)

  3. I have been distributing this link everywhere I can. Met Ty through Kyle MacDonald, and have been in periodic contact over the years... Doing all I can from where I sit.

    Hope he gets to sleep in his own bed soon!

  4. Any word on the RCMP agreeing to let Terry Grant (Mantracker) come and help??? Did they say no? Does anyone have any follow-up regarding this?

    Curious Sheri

  5. I would guess Mantracker is about as experienced as any of the SAR people??? His uncle is in SAR and very experienced...never mind the extreme high motivation to find him. They have many very skilled searchers trying to find him.
    Mantrackers was trained in search and rescue and I think if the family thought he was more highly skilled than the local SARs and his relatives who have a vested interest in finding TY they would have brought him onside. who knows maybe they have. Besides isn't the show Mantracker is more of a game...and finding Tyler isn't.

  6. belcarrapilgrim - Terry Grant (mantracker)is part of the Foothills MD Search and Rescue in Alberta... he was recently training the military how to find explosives devices... he's a tracker first and then he had a show about it.

    Anyway - he was willing to come when he was contacted (all expenses paid by Cameron Herold) but said he needed to be requested by the RCMP to join in the search... I was just wondering if anyone had any specific follow-up on the RCMP's response. I think all the Search and Rescue people are amazing :) and I love Tyler too, so I would love as many highly skilled people as we can get on the hunt!

  7. The Mantracker was contacted by the RCMP and SAR, they spoke about the situation, the terrain and the length of time he's been missing and they decided that he was not able to help.

  8. Thanks Carm, I appreciate the update. I have been praying that you guys will have peace and expectancy while you wait.