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Thursday, August 19, 2010

thanks for all the support

Today we have witnessed how much love there is for Ty. Tomorrow is another day of searching, please don't stop sharing information.

Please note that the pictures on this blog were taken at the trail head, the day he set off on this hike. Although some media outlets have said Tyler is an inexperienced hiker, the contrary is true.

If you are in the area this weekend please keep your eyes open for him. Again, the pictures on this blog are as current as this trip.

Thank you to all the search and rescue crews tracking Tyler. Your efforts are hugely appreciated.


  1. thoughts and prayers are with you all, Ev let me know if there is anything at all Bernie and I can do to assist

  2. My heart sank when I saw this link in my facebook newsfeed... posted by a facebook friend who knows Tyler. My sister-in-law went missing in Maui last February. She was camping alone for the night and disappeared. Have you contacted trackers? There are tracking schools here in the U.S. that assist with this type of search and rescue and possibly in Canada too. Here is a link to one that we spoke with ( There are also private search and rescue teams that you can enlist to help in your search efforts. Texas Equusearch ( is one that helped us. They flew a drone over the area to take aerial photos and analyze that data for visual noise that can identify high interest areas to search on the ground. Hoping with all my heart that Tyler is found safe today!

  3. Ev, Carm and the Wright and Hebert families: the Mellalieu and French families are waiting to help in any way we can. We are ready. Right now we are spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and email through every channel and contact possible. We are praying for Ty's safe return and for the efforts of the heroes out there finding him today! Stay put Ty - we're coming for you!!

    Love to all of you,
    Andrea Mellalieu-French, Mike French
    Nathan Mellalieu, Cassandra Mellalieu
    Chris and Cathy Mellalieu

  4. Tyler is a VERY serious hiker - he's done some crazy hard ones - i.e. the cliffs here took him 3 days - and some say only one other person had done it in 30 years.

    Ty has Size 17 feet - and is' 6'4" he'll leave tracks...

    He's out there - he is likely just either injured or lost.

  5. Thank you to the searchers for not giving up finding him; his friends and family, former classmates and teachers, are sending the search crews our best wishes in getting the break needed to find him.
    Antoinette DeWit [one of his former teachers]

  6. Don't know Tyler -- but, my heart goes out to all who search, watch and wait. (Got the word via Tom Rypma's Facebook page)
    Reading Tyler’s story reminded me of a previous situation:
    A couple of winters ago a SF man and his family got lost on a remote road in southern Oregon.
    One thing his family did was drop a whole bunch of "survival packages" for him by helicopter all over the forest area. Each box (wrapped in a fluorescent tarp) contained first aid supplies, locator beacon (whatever those locator devices are that extreme skiers wear), water, energy bars, a fluorescent safety vest and reflective flags he could put out to help their aerial search, etc.
    Perhaps such a strategy would help in this case? Just a thought . . . best wishes to Tyler & all of you who watch & wait.
    A friend of Tom Rypma’s.

  7. Please keep informing us whenever you hear something. I will be praying for Ty and those who are at work in search of him.

    I am doing what I can to at least let people know. I'll be praying.

  8. Evian and Josh let me know if there is anything that I do apart from already sending link out on facebook and my contacts to raise awareness. You guys are truly good friends of Ty, and you are all in my thoughts and prayers for his safe return home. A big thank you to Search and Rescue for their efforts in helping to locate Tyler. Prayers are also with his family in this difficult time.