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Saturday, August 28, 2010

New footage

New HD Videos from August 27th

We have uploaded new HD video from a surveillance flight at very low levels.
Please look for a blue tarp, fire pits, odd arrangements of rocks and/or logs and of course any humans.
You will see orange tags in some videos.  These are left by ground searchers.  You will also see newly cut small trees which was to create heli landing zones.
These are our best videos to date and there are many to please pass this task on to your friends so we can find Tyler!
EVERY comment is reviewed, guaranteed.

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  1. do not be weary in doing good.
    Ty...praying for safety and provisions
    for the searchers divine wisdom.
    Thank you for the videos...

  2. Dorian, Your posting, monitoring, reviewing & responding has been a yeoman's effort. Hope you are getting enough sleep (& respite from time to time). Thank you for your efforts.

  3. Dorian, on 27.08.10.Front2.03.06, 2:42 in, there appears to be a sudden burst of quite a bit of smoke near the middle of the screen, next to the river/creek. Am I imagining that?

  4. Just watched it again - I believe it's just a reflection in the water...

  5. Agreed California Girl. Thanks Dorian. (Seems insufficient but... sincerely... thank you).

  6. Video

    High Res .. 17secs in ... bottom left hnad side of the screen .. seems to be a man standing at the creek bed ... a white spot beside him!

    Don't know if this is anything ... caught my eye right away!

  7. I see what Aaron sees too. Watched it ten times. The only thing is why would the man be standing so still like that with a helicopter overhead?

  8. I know .. however who knows ..! Worth a look from others i'd say!

  9. Video

    marker: 1:51 - A dark silhouette to the left of the screen?

  10. Aaron - we see what you saw but believe it is a shadow combined with water.

  11. All comments above have been checked.


  12. Check out
    This lets you download the video and play it in another viewer.

  13. 10 down part 1 18 33min
    3:48 mark there is black spec on boulder, I got msg that it looks like man sitting on boulder.
    Pls check out.
    August 24, 2010. Video is 13:32 long.

  14. On this video 27 08 10 Right2 09 12 mark around 2:52 or 2:54 there seems to be movement near the black area of the river, creek or trail - not sure what that is. Quick movement that almost looks like a person running.