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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Helicopter footage

Here is the footage from yesterday evening. A reminder of the items Tyler has with him:
1. white t-shirt
2. green shirt
3. black fleece
4. grey pants
5. black backpack
6. blue puff jacket
7. tarp (color maybe blue?)
8. green toque
9. cook pot
10. trekking poles
11. red nalgene
12. orange socks
13. black sandals

14. black, grey and orange Nike (size 16)

Missing Tyler Wright - Heli Video 1 (0-9min) from Sam Macmillan on Vimeo.


  1. works well to view full screen. I'm going to take a look again at the angel shaped icefield. Wonder if there is a cave in there?

  2. He also has a grey/beige fedora hat-You can see him wearing it in the first picture of the media alert post

  3. kind of curious as to why he would have taken a few select photos showing all of his various articles...the good thing is it gives so much information

  4. It seems like he was doing some "ultra-light" camping which may explain the inventory photos...

  5. could someone take a look at minute 6:16-17 looks like some smoke top leftish corner? i looked about 20 times , its hard cause of the fog and terrian color...but i think it looks like smoke