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Monday, August 23, 2010


Weekend Report

Search crews were busy this weekend at Squamish and Coquitlam searching for Ty. On Saturday, helicopters took crews high into the alpine areas looking for signs of travel.  Ty has huge feet – size 16 and this has been a help identifying his tracks.  Searchers are trained to look for even the slightest hint or track – from broken branches to a piece of thread.

Low cloud and rain kept searchers out of the high alpine Sunday, but they used the time to search lower down, following the trail out of Widgeon Creek near Pitt Lake. Monday’s sunshine will allow them to continue in the high alpine near Bull Canyon. 
There are many routes Ty may have taken. The area they are covering is huge and the teams follow a strategic plan to cover the route and to pinpoint where to search next.  It is a very rugged and thickly forested area.  There are many blueberries and lots of creeks for water.  Hikers have been known to survive for weeks on berries alone. 

At the command center each person is trained to do a job, from monitoring communications and gps marks from searchers on the ground, to assisting helicopters with landing and loading.  The trained crews are professional and kind.
The family is so thankful for the incredible manpower that has been deployed to help find Tyler. 

Everyone asks how they can help and many want to go out and search for Ty.  After watching Search and Rescue at work we know that it takes a lot of training to develop the skills needed to look for a lost hiker.  Donations towards the search can be made at  We’ve learned a lot about Search and Rescue over the past week and are truly impressed.


  1. wouldn't the best way to donate be to specifically donate to SAR (Search and Rescue).
    Ty's uncle is with SAR.

  2. Thanks so much for the update (know you are no doubt very tired & busy). There is much to be encouraged about in your news. You are all constantly in our thoughts and will continue to be until we hear the news you are bringing Tyler home. Wishing Tyler, the SAR and all of you continued strength & optimisim.

  3. There are about 10 different SAR teams involved, each it's own non profit society. If you donate to the family, and let them decide where the money should go that would be best, rather than picking one team to donate to.


    exciting update!!
    Ty's big feet are a huge blessing.

  5. I am not familiar with the Creek where footprints and campfire were spotted; could he have jumped on a log and floated downstream significantly? If yes, then which video depicts the area downstream from the footprints/campfire location?